Key advantages of WPO

A totally unique underlying value

To kick-start the GreenToken Project, WPO successfully launched its “Services-for-Data” business model – a powerful growth driver that validates GreenToken’s usage for institutional clients and enables WPO to grow its database.

How does it work? In this model, WPO sells its services to its client and invoices them. In return, the client sells WPO the right to use its production data, which it also invoices. In order to balance this model, the client purchases GreenTokens, which gives a solid value base to the GreenToken.


This commercial innovation has proved very attractive; it has already made it possible to secure the recurrent sale of GreenTokens for a cumulative amount of 3 million euros over 10 years (until 2030) in 7 European countries.

Already convinced by the GreenToken Project, WPO’s clients and partners may wish to purchase additional GreenTokens from other holders via the digital asset trading platform(s) that host GreenTokens.

A solid operational vision, plus regulatory security!

The GreenToken will be used to strengthen WPO and to make the necessary investments to support the development of the GreenToken project and the growth of data related activities.

93 % of tokens will be allocated to the implementation of the Project (of which 73 % will be sold to the general public and 20 % allocated to the reserve), 6 % of tokens will have been previously allocated to private sales to pre-finance the operation, and less than 1 % to distribution to WPO employees.


WPO’s public offering of GreenTokens is the first in the energy sector to be approved by a major independent financial authority: the AMF. From this point of view, it is a world first.

The GreenToken will be listed upon completion of the public offering on the Savitar digital asset trading platform ( Discussions are ongoing with other major international platforms.

The first GoCert certificates were successfully produced and marketed in 2018 using a pilot Blockchain. New smart contracts were developed in 2020 as further proof of concept demonstrating WPO’s capability.

Concrete expertise and a wide range of clients

Our GreenToken Public Offering is based on 12 years of expertise and industrial-sized energy databases. We supervise in real time 2,000 wind turbines, 12 million photovoltaic modules, which are connected to permanently live databases growing at 30 % per year.

Our GreenToken Public Offering will mobilize key players in the energy sector, WPO has already been serving a wide variety of international clients for 12 years: including institutional investors, energy companies, power utilities, large corporations, banks, developers, and independent producers. It also serves local and regional authorities, cooperatives, semi-public companies, utilities, associations etc. And of course, private individuals are also invited to participate!

An independent project to be even more ambitious

We have set up an Investment Advisory Committee, an independent governance body for the GreenToken Project, bringing together several European professionals and experts (recognized for their actions in the fields of corporate social responsibility, green finance, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, carbon credits, etc.) who guarantee the Project’s proper development. This Committee will be responsible for advising WPO and informing the public about the Project’s progress and the performance of the GreenToken.

WPO’s distinct governance structure will ensure the GreenToken will evolve on an independent basis serving the collective interest. At least once a year, the Investment Advisory Committee – supported by the audit of the Statutory Auditor – will publish a GreenToken Project activity report to inform the public about the issue, sale and stocks of GreenToken and GoCerts, and the use of funds invested.

Members of the GreenToken Investment Advisory Committee

Geneviève Férone-Creuzet

Pierre Ducret
General Controller and Climate Advisor Groupe Caisse des Dépôts (CDC)

Christian Auer
Operations Director and Head of Investments of Goodyields Capital

Markus Voigt
Executive Partner AREAM Smart.Green.Assets

Philipp Schulden
Chief Operation Officer of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Alexandre Bertrand
Managing Director, Digitalisation & Data (WPO)

Alban Jéhu
Technical Product Manager, Optimisation & Innovation Group (WPO)

Youri Pasquier
Information Systems Director (WPO)

First results

Within the context of the private sale of tokens, 643,000 GreenTokens have been sold for a total amount of 561,000 euros. This private sale has been verified by WPO’s Statutory Auditor and was aknowledged by the GreenToken Investment Advisory Committee in a Public Declaration. The acceleration is confirmed: by 31 July 2020, in only 7 months and despite the ongoing Covid pandemic, WPO sold +25 % more GreenTokens than in the whole of 2019, i.e. 272,000 tokens.

10-year recurring contractual commitments and purchase options for GreenTokens have already been secured (until 2030) for an amount of more than 3 million euros, i.e. twice the Softcap of the public offering.

GreenToken reservations amounting for 280,000 euros have already been made in anticipation of the public offering between 12 May, the date on which the AMF visa was obtained (and reservations opened), and 7 September 2020.

AMF Visa

Autorité-des-marchés-financiers approuve l'ICO WPO pour ses green tokens

Approval of a Public Token Offering (ICO)


Pursuant to Article L. 552-5 of the Monetary and Financial Code and the General Regulation of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), in particular Article 712-9, the AMF has approved this document under the number n° ICO.20-189 dated 12/05/2020 and valid until 12/11/2020. This document has been drawn up by the issuer and entails the liability of its signatories. The approval has been granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 712-1 of the AMF General Regulation after verification by the AMF that the information document is complete and comprehensible.
The approval does not imply that the AMF has approved the appropriateness of the issuer’s project or authenticated the financial, accounting and technical information presented.
Moreover, the AMF has not carried out any verification of the smart contracts linked to the offering and and has not verified whether these smart contracts are adequate in relation to the content of the information document.